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City woods are full of miracles. Trees there can be bigger ones or older as country area, where is often forestry. There is more species in a small area and animals dare to come to close of people. We can observe each other and human can learn from animals how should walk in nature.

We should learn to look, touch, smell and hear nature more, overall observe preciser. Often we only run or drive across a forest but we do not discover almost anything. It would be well to wander  without time in the forest, choose a small path and peek into hole of a tree.

During my courses in Wandering nature school Jackdaw, Kiertävä luontokoulu Naakka you learn stop in nature and open your senses. You will learn some Finnish names of plants and animals and get notes from nature, but names and notes are not so important. It most important is learn to see a value of a animal in nature and understand connections between species. It is most important to observe nature and enjoy there.

The courses or nature trips are 2-4 hours and they take place around Helsinki metropolitan area in forests, shore of the sea and rivers. In Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo you can find many beautiful nature places. Ask more about the courses

You can come any courses where you want – some of them are more for families some more for adults. Some I lead together a another company; then the courses do not cost (The company or association pay the fee). You can come alone or take with your friends and family. Ask first how you can register into the course.

Most part we speak in Finnish but the guide speak Finnish very clearly and use lot of pictures and vitality exercise. If in a group in many people , who not speak Finnish the guide translate to in English. Interesting notice the guide translate in English. But I want learn about Finnish nature, then we need also Finnish language.


If you are a teacher you can ask a nature path for children and choose certain topic what you want to investigate with your pupils as birds, insects, trees and forest, marsh, water(river or lake or sea) and diverse of the forest. Always during course is sense practices and notes from nature. Teachers look also materials (materiaalit). You can use animals and plants pictures which you find from the pages for your own practice of nature.

I have experience about different groups. I have work with autism children and disabled and made own materials for them. I know also how you can show Finnish nature for immigrants. Everyone have single way feel nature but everybody can enjoy there.

If you have any kind group of people you can also ask a course only for them. We can choose any nature places in Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo area. I come where you group want to find the miracles of natures. I make different courses for adults in nature: we can relieve nature trips after your conference or I can make the course around certain topic (as bird, wild herbs, mushrooms or changes in nature).

Course for your group cost 80-150 e + 24%

some coming courses:

Carve animals

4.11 is nature day for families in Haltia nature centre. Nature school of Jackdaw teach to carve small animals from branches of trees. Look more

Nature adventure for families

Bird courses and trips for families you can find from Adult Education Institutes of the capital region (

with Luonto-Liitto Nature school Jackdaw lead trips, which are also suitable for disabled persons but this trips are open anybody. There we open senses and guide bring you nature by your way and skills.

With Adult Education Institutes of the capital region is also herbs course for adults.  If you are interesting more wild herbs in forest you can ask an own trip for you group.



Green Metropol – Find forest and parks close of the city We will meet Paloheinän maja (Pakilantie 124, you get buss 66, 560) o´clock 11.00; we are waiting if you late little. The trip is intended for adults and young immigrants. We walk in spring forest and a beautiful river shore, about three kilometer. We collect some wild herbs and learn finnish with funny exercises. The guide gives some maps about forests and park around Helsinki and tell what you can find there. We use Finnish and English language and show pictures. We also make tea by primus stove (trangia) Take some food with you, and good shoes; and wear for outdoors. Milla Tuormaa puh. 0407660376



Kaikki luontopolulle: Naakan ohjaaja on vetänyt retkiä erityisryhmille kuten kehitysvammaisille ja maahanmuuttajille. Retkiä suunnitellaan mielellään erityisryhmien kanssa.

Everybody can find nature: Nature school Jackdaw have lead nature trips for disabled persons and immigrants

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